• Raspberry Nutella Wontons

    Oh yum!  How can this not be delicious?  My kids love Nutella as a special treat and one day I was watching them devour some of it spread on a bagel while I was eating a bowl of raspberries and then boom!  I got the idea to combine these two luscious things in a wonton … Read More

  • Holiday Fortune Cookies

    Want to bring some Good Fortune to the holiday season? Try whipping up a batch of these fun and festive chocolate dipped holiday fortune cookies for your friends and family (btw – Santa loves these too)! For convenience, I use store-bought fortune cookies for this holiday fortune cookie recipe and buy holiday cookie toppings at … Read More

  • Chocolate Dipped Fortune Cookies

    Add a fun Asian twist to your holiday cookie exchange or shindig this year with these colorful and creative chocolate dipped fortune cookies topped with festive sprinkles and toppings!   I like to pick up my fortune cookies in the gourmet section of World Market because it’s so convenient and they’re super fresh!   I love to … Read More

  • Spooky Halloween Fortune Cookies

    Boo!  Bring some good fortune and an unexpected twist to your Halloween bash with these Spooky Fortune Cookies!  They couldn’t be easier to make (I used store-bought fortune cookies dipped in Candy Melts (you can get at Michael’sand JoAnn Fabrics).  Then decorated them with  Halloween cupcake toppers  and sprinkles I also got from Michael’s).  Before … Read More

  • Easy Anytime Nutella Cookies

    life is mostly sweet and sometimes sour but always delicious.   I wanted to treat you all to some sweet deliciousness with these Nutella cookies.  I mean,  who doesn’t love Nutella?  The crazy thing about Nutella is that if you mix it with some flour and eggs, you can whip up the most chocolatey, chewy … Read More

  • Banana Walnut Wontons

    My sister Jeanie is hosting an intimate dinner party for New Year’s Eve and was looking for an sophisticated yet easy dessert to make for her guests.  I suggested this  Banana Walnut Wonton recipe which is amazingly simple to make yet so elegant and festive when served in a martini glass over French vanilla ice … Read More