• Teriyaki Chicken

    Teriyaki Chicken “Well, Hello Summer!” My daughter Becca painted a sign last night welcoming guests to our last minute Karaoke BBQ.  I was feeling inspired to make Teriyaki Chicken as it’s a big hit among kids and it’s a great compliment to the Prawn Mango Salad I was also making.  I feel so honored that … Read More

  • Korean Fried Chicken

    Korean Fried Chicken My kids were sleeping over at a friend’s house last weekend so I met up with my friend Amy for a little disco dancing.   It’s important to slip on your boogie shoes from time to time even if you’ve got young kids!  Needless to say, I needed a little pick me up … Read More

  • Orange Chicken

    I wanted to share my Orange Chicken recipe from my latest cookbook Everyday Chinese Cookbook:  101 Delicious Recipes from My Mother’s Kitchen because it’s so yummy and easy to make. I was inspired to include this recipe for Orange Chicken in my latest cookbook because my late mother, the legendary chefLeeann Chin, taught me how … Read More

  • Sweet and Sour Chicken

    Who doesn’t love to bite into a tender, juicy piece chicken coated with a crispy batter and then tossed in a sweet and sour glaze with pineapples, tomatoes and bell pepper?  This Sweet and Sour Chicken recipe takes a bit more work than a simple stir-fry but it’s totally worth it.  Chinese people tend to … Read More

  • Crispy Mango Coconut Chicken

    Crispy Mango Coconut Chicken This recipe for Crispy Mango Coconut Chicken is hands down one of my favorites from my cookbook “Everyday Thai Cooking.” Everyone that’s tried this beauty raves about the crispy texture of the tender chicken drizzled with a sweet, tart and creamy sauce made with coconut milk and mango puree. I used … Read More

  • Lemongrass Chicken Curry Recipe

    Lemongrass Chicken Curry Recipe I recently received a request (thanks Julie!) for a green curry paste recipe made from scratch.  I debated on whether or not I should include a recipe for homemade green curry paste in my last cookbook, “Everyday Thai Cooking” but ultimately chose not to as many people I know would rather … Read More

  • General Tso’s Chicken

    Want to get your family to stand at attention?  Why not whip up this restaurant favorite tonight?  Although General Tso’s Chicken takes a couple of more steps than a simple stir-fry the results are worth it.  This sweet and slightly spicy dish is so delicious you’ll friends and family will be clamoring for seconds and … Read More

  • Chicken Broccoli Stir-fry

    There’s Meatless Mondays and Throwback Thursday, why not try Stir-Fry Sundays on for size?  That’s right, folks!   I’m setting out to put Stir-fries on everyone’s table on Sunday nights.  Why? Because stir-fries are easy peasy, healthy, delicious and a great way to kick off your busy week by making use of whatever veggies you … Read More

  • Chicken Teriyaki Bowl

    When I was pregnant with the twins, I constantly craved mashed potatoes, cheeseburgers and chicken teriyaki bowls (I was eating for three after all!)  I craved it so much I came up with this recipe and made my hubby make it for me all the time (in between foot rubs).   As growing-up-too-fast five year-olds, … Read More

  • Pineapple Duck Curry

    This month’s issue of Ventura Blvd Magazine includes an entertaining feature to celebrate my new cookbook, “Everyday Thai Cooking” at the home of my dear friend and TV personality Jeannie Mai.  I served an eight course Thai menu for our holiday dinner which included this Pineapple Duck Curry dish.  It’s sweet and spicy and slightly … Read More