• Crazy Rich Walnut Shrimp

    Crazy Rich Walnut Shrimp In celebration of  Crazy Rich Asians, I’m doing a CRAZY RICH ASIAN FOOD themed Facebook Livestream with Laura Nix Gerson of Momangeles and other friends on my fan page today at 1:15pm PST and making the Cantonese Favorite Crazy Rich Walnut Shrimp!!  We’ll be dressed as our favorite characters from the … Read More

  • Shrimp with Snow Peas

    Shrimp with Snow Peas Sometimes the simplest of stir-fries are the most sublime like this recipe for Shrimp with Snow Peas.  I love this recipe for Shrimp with Snow Peas so much because it reminds me of the simple and delicious stir-fries my late mother Leeann would make for us using the snow peas she’d … Read More

  • Shrimp with Asparagus

    Hi Everyone!! Welcome to my new and improved Chef Katie Chin blog! I’m sorry for the delay in posting new recipes but if you follow me on social media you know I’ve up to my eyeballs in lo mein flying all over the country promoting my new cookbook, “Everyday Chinese Cookbook: 101 Delicious Recipes from … Read More

  • Lemongrass Basil Shrimp

    I just made this quick and easy Lemongrass Basil Shrimp recipe during a test shoot for a new digital interactive cooking platform called NOM (coming soon across all your mobile devices)! Thanks to any of you that participated in the test!! This dish is loaded with complex flavors from the fish sauce, lemongrass, kaffir lime … Read More

  • Green Curry with Prawns

    There’s nothing like coming home to a house filled with the complex and layered aroma of a green curry dish. I know it sounds complicated but this Green Curry with Prawns recipe is so easy even my seven year-old daughter Becca knows the steps, “Hey mom, aren’t you supposed to add the shrimp now?” I … Read More

  • Shrimp with Miso Butter Sauce

    In this recipe, succulent shrimp is tossed in buttery umami goodness.  If you’ve never tried miso butter sauce I promise you’ll be doing a happy dance in your kitchen because it is so incredibly delicious and easy to make.   Sake, soy sauce, miso paste, chicken broth and oyster sauce come together in an irresistible combination … Read More

  • Thai Crab Cakes

    Looking to spice things up for your holiday party this year? Why not Thai this recipe on for size? These Thai Crab Cakes are loaded with lump crab meat and delicious Thai flavors including lime juice, fish sauce, ginger, cilantro and thai chilies. They’re light yet filling and make the perfect finger food. I like … Read More

  • Walnut Shrimp

    As many of you may know, I recently launched my Chef Katie Chin You Tube Channel. I couldn’t resist sharing this recipe for Walnut Shrimp again since we just posted the video on how to make it on my channel. Check it out here and please subscribe to my channel! If you’ve tasted this citrusy, … Read More

  • Clams in Black Bean Sauce

    There’s something sultry about this dish.  It’s earthy, aromatic, salty, slippery and a bit a spicy.  Don’t confuse Chinese black beans with Mexican black beans.  Chinese black beans are also known as fermented or salted black beans and are made from fermented soy beans.  They are pungent and quite strong so it’s important to soak … Read More

  • Miso Glazed Cod

    Whenever I make this dish it makes Miso Happy!  We just had some out of town guests and I wanted to make them something special but was also trying to put together Dylan’s Star Wars Pod Racer, paint Becca’s finger nails and get them both into the tub.  This dish is so simple yet makes … Read More