• Teriyaki Chicken

    Teriyaki Chicken “Well, Hello Summer!” My daughter Becca painted a sign last night welcoming guests to our last minute Karaoke BBQ.  I was feeling inspired to make Teriyaki Chicken as it’s a big hit among kids and it’s a great compliment to the Prawn Mango Salad I was also making.  I feel so honored that … Read More

  • Lemongrass Thai Salad

    Happy Father’s Day everyone!!  Who doesn’t love Thai Salads like this Lemongrass Thai Salad?   I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted a recipe and it’s because I’ve been busy finishing my 5th cookbook coming out in 2020!  I’m so excited because my new book will be filled with global flavors.  I woke up … Read More

  • Chinese New Year Long Life Noodles

    Chinese New Year Long Life Noodles Chinese New Year is right around the corner and falls on February 5th, 2019!!  Gung Hay Fat Choy!!  It is the Year of the Pig.  Serve Chinese New Year Long Life Noodles to usher in longevity and Good Fortune in the New Year! I hope you enjoy these Chinese … Read More

  • Crazy Rich Walnut Shrimp

    Crazy Rich Walnut Shrimp In celebration of  Crazy Rich Asians, I’m doing a CRAZY RICH ASIAN FOOD themed Facebook Livestream with Laura Nix Gerson of Momangeles and other friends on my fan page today at 1:15pm PST and making the Cantonese Favorite Crazy Rich Walnut Shrimp!!  We’ll be dressed as our favorite characters from the … Read More

  • Hong Kong Steak

    Hong Kong Steak “OMG!”  This is the universal reaction to Hong Kong Steak  (especially this past Saturday when  I served it cubed and skewered as an appetizer when my Wok Star Catering team and I catered for my dear friends John and Chris’ fabulous end of summer soiree). My late mother Leeann Chin invented this … Read More

  • Korean Fried Chicken

    Korean Fried Chicken My kids were sleeping over at a friend’s house last weekend so I met up with my friend Amy for a little disco dancing.   It’s important to slip on your boogie shoes from time to time even if you’ve got young kids!  Needless to say, I needed a little pick me up … Read More

  • Beef & Asparagus Udon Noodle Stir-Fry

    Easy and Delicious Beef & Asparagus Udon Noodle Stir-Fry It’s Stir-Fry Sunday Folks and you know what that means!  Here’s an all new stir-fry recipe for your Sunday repertoire:  Beef & Asparagus Udon Noodle Stir-fry.  Of course this Beef & Asparagus Udon Noodle Stir-Fry recipe is fantastic for any night of the week, but I … Read More

  • Veggie Summer Rolls with Mint and Thai Basil

    Veggie Summer Rolls with Mint and Thai Basil Who doesn’t love biting into cool and refreshing Veggie Summer Rolls with Mint and Thai Basil on a blistering summer day?  And guess what?  They are naturally gluten-free and vegan.  While Vietnamese in origin, I included a recipe for these Summer Rolls in my Thai Cookbook because … Read More

  • Shrimp with Snow Peas

    Shrimp with Snow Peas Sometimes the simplest of stir-fries are the most sublime like this recipe for Shrimp with Snow Peas.  I love this recipe for Shrimp with Snow Peas so much because it reminds me of the simple and delicious stir-fries my late mother Leeann would make for us using the snow peas she’d … Read More

  • Edamame Hummus

    I don’t know about you, but all I can think of during these scorching summer months is sipping on tall tropical cocktails and nibbling on delicious small bites around the pool or the beach.  This gluten-free and vegan Edamame Hummus is the perfect light appetizer or snack to serve  when you’re craving a little something … Read More